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To Dad, With Love

From homework help and bedtime stories to classic dad jokes and heartfelt advice, dads promise us a lifetime of special moments. For Father’s Day, our team members are honoring their own dads, inspired by the playful prompts in our book Dad, I Wrote a Book about You. Here’s what they shared:

To our wonderful dads: for every memory and every piece of advice, for all that you are and all that you’ve done, we thank you!

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Thank Her for Being a Friend This Galentine’s Day

What female friendships have meant the world to you? Which women lift your spirits simply through their presence? Good girlfriends can be one of life’s greatest gifts—and Galentine’s Day is a fun opportunity to recognize these ladies for the difference they make. Celebrated on February 13, this joyful holiday is dedicated to showing gratitude to the women who add something wonderful to every day. 

Here are a few festive ways you can make Galentine’s Day special for the women in your life: 

Send a handwritten card.
Add a little delight to a girlfriend’s mailbox with a card straight from the heart. Let her know that her late night phone calls always make your day. Or thank her for her constant wisdom and grace. Reflect on all the ways your friend’s light shines bright and write them in a note she can hold on to for years to come. 

Plan a gathering of friends.
Galentine’s Day is a great time for a brunch get-together, a game night, or an afternoon coffee date. Call up a few ladies and invite them to share a bit of quality time. Use the opportunity to shower them with your love and create the kind of memories that only great girlfriends can. 

Sprinkle happiness throughout the day.
Perhaps there’s a barista who shines from within? Or someone at your gym who always puts a smile on your face? Galentine’s Day is for acknowledging these women too, for showing gratitude to those who brighten your day and may not even know it. Tuck a few ThoughtFulls or playful Valentine’s Day cards into your purse and share cheer wherever you go.

Remind a child how special she is.
There’s something beautiful about girls seeing women celebrate other women. Dedicate this Galentine’s Day to a niece, a daughter, a neighbor, or a mentee. Share an inspiring children’s book. Or give her a bit of encouragement for the day ahead. And celebrate all that she is and all that she’s becoming.

How will you spend Galentine’s Day this year? Fill this February 13 with love, gratitude, and encouragement as you honor all the women you feel lucky to know. 

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5 Simple Ways to Use Your Planner for Self-Care This Year


A planner can be the keeper of many treasures—family gatherings, lunch dates with friends, kids’ birthday parties, work engagements. Each entry is a snapshot of the everyday moments of our lives and a small glimpse into our priorities too.

With a new year ahead of us, how will you fill your calendar? How can you use your time to create a life you love?

Making a commitment to self-care is a wonderful place to start. Life can pull us in many directions, but a few intentional moments of personal time can do so much. It may sound indulgent, but regularly setting aside time to dream, reflect, and unwind can have a meaningful effect on your physical and emotional well-being.

Here are a five simple and enjoyable ways to use your 2019 planner to promote new self-care routines this year:

1. Give yourself something to look forward to every week.
Whether it’s a night out dancing, a trip to your favorite bakery, or time curled up with a good book, a few planned pleasures can make the whole week a bit brighter. Pencil in at least one thing each week that is sure to make you smile. There’s always a way to make room for play!

2. Create a habit of gratitude.
Let your planner reflect your grateful heart. Take a minute each day to write down one thing you are thankful for in your calendar. By the end of the year, you’ll have a collection of your favorite memories and a record of the things that made this year so full of life.

3. Give yourself the gift of quiet time.
Slow things down by dedicating a weekly window to being unplugged. Perhaps you’d like to take a hike, attend a yoga class, or book a massage. Schedule in some regular quiet time and give your mind space to be restored.

4. Plan a trip, big or small.
An adventure begins the moment you put it on your calendar—the anticipation can bring joy before you’ve even left your home. Find a time to discover a new place or become a tourist in your own city. Add a trip to your agenda and let the fun begin. It can be to the other side of the world or simply the other end of a local bus line.

5. Build in time to connect with those around you.
Brightening someone else’s day can lift our spirits in unexpected ways. Is there someone you could delight with a handwritten note? A charity you’ve been meaning to get more involved with? A person you’ve been meaning to call? Set aside time to reach out and watch these little moments bring new energy to every day.

Let this year be one of intention. Create a calendar that is a celebration of the things that matter most to you!


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Celebrate the Season!

It's the season of giving, sharing, and spending time with those who matter most. Our Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you find just the right gifts for everyone on your list—from loved ones to friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Spread joy, inspire hope, and celebrate the season today!

—Seasonal Gifts for Everyone—

Explore our full holiday collection here.

—Gifts for Kids—

Discover other creative gifts for kids here.

—Gift Collections for Everyday Inspiration—

Choose one of our stunning collections to create a heartfelt gift set here.

—Stocking Stuffers—

Discover these and more fun stocking stuffers here!

Happy holidays from Compendium! We're wishing you a beautiful season filled with inspiration and joy.

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The Courage to Shine

On a sunny afternoon in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, I visited Shine , a local retail resource for those undergoing cancer treatments. I wanted to learn more—as a Compendium editor writing this story for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is October, but also as a woman and a friend to several women who are breast cancer survivors.

Owned and operated by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), Shine is unique in that it brings together goods and services not typically found in one place and in a supportive, nonclinical setting. In addition to stylish gifts, essential products and services for cancer patients are available, including wigs, compression garments, prosthetics, and physical therapy goods, as well as complimentary wig trims and head shaves performed by licensed cosmetologists. Also open to anyone looking for a heartfelt gift, this friendly neighborhood retailer is a convenient spot to shop, and all proceeds benefit SCCA patient and family programs.

Comanagers Eileen Hood (left) and Carrie L. Jacobsen, both certified mastectomy and compression
fitters at Shine, which is owned and operated by Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

As I chatted with Eileen Hood, one of two hardworking store managers, I found myself feeling truly grateful for these compassionate women who guide patients and loved ones every day through unfamiliar and often frightening times. I left the store that day moved and inspired by both Shine and SCCA—bright beacons guiding many courageous women forward.

Compendium is honored to recognize patients, survivors, and caregivers this Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating 10% of our profits from any purchase during October to SCCA and Shine. We invite you to join us in giving the gift of hope today!

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One Storyteller Brings Inspiration to Many


Michael D. McCarty (middle row, yellow T-shirt) inspires others through storytelling workshops.
Michael D. McCarty (middle row, yellow T-shirt) inspires others through storytelling workshops.

How many people does it take to spark the imagination? To have a meaningful impact on the lives of others? One! And in the case of Michael D. McCarty, it’s someone who knows the joy of reading, understands the power of language, and believes in the art of storytelling to positively shape lives.

Inspired by his mother, Michael developed storytelling skills and an abiding love for reading at a young age. A multicultural storyteller, he’s been leading workshops professionally in the US and abroad since the early 1990s. In 2014, a fellow artist and friend working in California prisons through an Arts in Corrections program invited him to participate. Michael accepted and now teaches as part of a broader curriculum designed to give inmates the opportunity to develop self-awareness and express themselves therapeutically through a combination of visual, literary, and performing arts.

Michael’s workshop focuses on helping participants find, create, and tell their stories. One lesson involves giving our ThoughtFulls pop-open cards to inmates and inviting them to share an experience that relates to the quote on the inside of the card. The assignment is intended to give rise to story ideas that could be used to shape personal narratives the inmates are working on.

Once Michael started using ThoughtFulls as story prompts, momentum grew and something wonderful happened that both delighted and surprised him: inmates started swapping the ThoughtFulls cards with each other, copying down quotes they liked, or hanging them in their lockers and cells. Some felt moved to send ThoughtFulls to their children, wives, and other family members. What initially started as a workshop exercise became a heartfelt way for inmates to connect with each other and with loved ones too.

Michael, inspired by his students, now gives each workshop participant two additional cards to do with as they wish! But he doesn’t stop there:

"I also share the cards with the corrections officers, prison staff, hotel staff, and fellow artists. I often keep some in my car and in my pocket and give them to whoever methinks could use one. They are a big hit."

Thank you, Michael, for inspiring us with your story and for sharing your talents with the world!

And we invite you to make a difference in the lives of those around you with our ThoughtFulls today!

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Dogs Living Inspired

Compendium’s Furry Friends

At Compendium, we love our dogs! They find their way under our desks, in our conference rooms, and into our hearts. They brighten our work days and are a big part of how we live inspired. In honor of National Dog Day, we’re sharing the pups of Compendium with you!

Meet Barley

Pet Parent:
Amelia, Senior Editor

How your dog got his name:
Barley was the name my grandmother gave him because he’s so small, like a little grain of barley.

We think he’s about 7 years old.

Snorkie! He’s part miniature Schnauzer and part Yorkshire terrier.

Favorite game to play together:
Barley loves tug-of-war or “lean on feet while making noises and mouthing.”

Favorite place to play:
As long as it’s on a rug, he’s happy. Wood floors are no good.

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does:
He sings! He prefers a soprano voice with lots of vibrato. His go-to songs include “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “The Hills Are Alive” from The Sound of Music.

How has your dog added to your home?
Barley was my grandmother’s dog before she fell ill. My husband and I brought him to our home in July of 2014, just before we moved to our house in Lake Forest Park and were married later that year.

Meet Mason

Pet Parent:
Shannon, Production Coordinator

How your dog got his name:
His name is Mason. We were watching the movie The Rock and the name of one of the main characters is Mason. They kept yelling “Mason!” throughout the movie so we thought, “How about Mason?”

He is 10 years old.


Favorite game to play together:
We love chasing him around the house and playing hide-and-seek.

Favorite place to play:

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does:
He rolls onto his back and puts his paws together like he’s praying.

How has your dog added to your home?
He brings laughter and joy to our home!

Meet Agnes

Pet Parent:
Toni, Controller

How your dog got her name:
Jenn (Agnes’s first mama and a Compendium team member) named her after the little girl Agnes in Despicable Me. If you ask my husband, he thinks her name is Sweetheart—it took me a while to figure out he wasn’t talking to me.

Agnes turned 6 on July 1. She had ice cream and loved it!

She is a Schnauzer/Pomeranian/Poodle mix—or Sch-pom-poo for short!

Favorite game to play together:
She loves bubbles, fetch (sometimes with us fetching the ball for her), water sports (she’s an excellent swimmer), and hide-and-seek—although we always find her in the bathtub.

Favorite place to play:
She loves Renée’s house. (Renée is Compendium’s Chief Marketing Officer and Agnes’s godmother.)

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does:
My favorite is when she does her “zoomies.” All her energy and excitement is let out all at once and she explodes into The Flash, running everywhere, jumping on furniture, and zooming around corners. Don’t blink or you may miss it!

How has your dog added to your home?
Agnes lived on a sailboat for the first four years of her life. Her previous owner, Jenn, decided to go on an adventure of a lifetime sailing the world. Agnes couldn’t go, so my family asked if we could have her—she needed to stay with her Compendium family! It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. She is sweet, sassy, stubborn, determined, and acts like she’s 10 feet tall. Agnes is pure joy. She completes our family.

Meet Teddy

Pet Parent:
Chau, Customer Service Lead

How your dog got his name:
Teddy Ashley Roosevelt-Tran was named after the greatest American president. The name Ashley was given by my nephew; it’s a name connected to his favorite YouTube gamer. And Tran is my last name!

I adopted him from PAWS so they weren’t sure, but they think he’s 14 or 15 years old.


Favorite game to play together:
We like to snuggle and then see who can nap the longest.

Favorite place to play:
Teddy loves being in our garden. Every afternoon he goes out to inspect the plants and vegetables that we’ve placed there. It seems as though he’s inspecting them for growth. Once he’s done inspecting, he lays down next to them and naps.

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does:
If Teddy doesn’t feel as if he’s received an adequate amount of love and affection, he’s sure to let us know. For example, if my boyfriend and I are watching TV on the couch or reading together, Teddy will jump up and squeeze himself into the space between us—no matter how small that space may be.

How has your dog added to your home?
Teddy brings so much hair and debris. He’s low to the ground so he drags in pinecones and brings them wherever he goes.

Meet Jack and Lulu

Pet Parent:
Nancy, Managing Editor

How your dogs got their names:
Jack came to us with his name intact. We already knew him and it never occurred to us to change it, partly because it perfectly captures his personality.

Lulu is the only being I’ve ever named myself. She was a rescue pup with the name Scruffy, which described her wiry coat. I instead wanted to focus on her scrumptious velvety soft ears and named her Velvet Sage. Lulu became a nickname of sorts for Velvet even before she came home to live with us.

Jack is a New Year’s baby, 14 this year. Lulu’s number is a bit more elusive. Like a film star of yore, her birth certificate isn’t definitive. We’ve given her several birthdays over the years but each puts her at about 7 years old right now.

Jack is a Westie/Yorkie/Dachshund mix (or West Yorkschund!) and has the softest fur ever. Lulu is a guess at Norwich terrier/Dachshund boasting a natural strawberry blonde Mohawk down her back.

Favorite game to play together:
Chase and tug-of-war! Lulu plays for fun but Jack plays to win.

Favorite place to play:
Jack loves to play anywhere there is a mole hole to sniff out and dig up. And Lulu’s favorite place is right next to her big brother, Jack.

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dogs do:
In the morning, Jack pounces on the top of my feet as he walks down the stairs with me heading toward his breakfast. Lulu likes to do several half jumps before getting up on the couch or bed as if she is practicing her jumping skills.

How have your dogs added to your home?
Jack changed me from a person who was afraid of dogs, crossing the street to avoid them, into a Jack lover, and then into a full-fledged animal lover. And there is no going back! When we brought a little sister home for him, we noticed that Jack taught Lulu how to be a dog and Lulu reminded Jack how to be a puppy!

Meet Scout and Boo Radley

Pet Parent:
Chelsea, Designer

How your dogs got their names:
Scout was named after Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. She is intelligent and (mostly) innocent. Boo Radley was named after Boo Arthur Radley, also from the book. He has a very weird and mysterious personality.

Scout is 10 years young—66 in dog years, so basically retired from fast movements, most toys, and long hikes. Boo Radley is 6 years old—35 in dog years, so old enough to have a job to pay for stuff he’s ruined in our apartment.

Scout is a Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix. Boo Radley is a Golden Retriever and Flat-Coated Retriever.

Favorite game to play together:
Scout’s favorite game? You cook, I drool. You eat, I stare.

Boo Radley’s favorite?
Hide-and-seek—I hide, he begins to panic.

Favorite place to play:
Scout’s favorite place is lifeless on the couch, bed, or in front of a fan. She can occasionally be caught rolling in anything that smells foul at the beach. Boo’s favorite is our 900-square-foot apartment or in water!

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dogs do:
Scout hops up and down steps with all her legs, like a rabbit. Boo Radley thinks he only weighs ten pounds (he weighs about 100). He loves sitting in laps, laying across people, and cuddling hard.

How have your dogs added to your home?
Scout has added love, but also free in-home security! Boo Radley brings lots and lots of energy, comedy, and his own personal home décor—we have multiple walls he’s chewed on!

Meet Muji

Pet Parent:
Megan, Managing Art Director

How your dog got her name:
Her full name is Muji Hopalong Blueberry Pancake. Muji is the name of a Japanese home goods store meaning “no name brand.” It’s a bit like calling my dog Ikea. Mu is a goof who skips everywhere, and loves blueberries and pancakes most of all.

She’s 7 years old.


Favorite game to play together:
She likes to play car wash by walking in-between people’s legs to get rubs on both sides at once. She also loves to play with her cat sister, Cyan.

Favorite place to play:
Her greatest love is the beach where she can run free; she’s such an athlete.

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does:
Her all-time favorite toy is her Jolly Ball, which is actually a toy for horses! It’s huge.

How has your dog added to your home?
I’m a cat person. But knowing a dog has been amazing. It’s like I’ve been let in on a secret of life. The relationship is so ridiculous and lovely. Mu shares such a pure, happy heart with me. I’m so lucky.

Meet Beatrice and Petunia

Pet Parent:
Jessica S., Senior Account Manager

How your dogs got their names:
I had a dream about a little Frenchie that I found named Beatrice and the owners didn’t want her. Shortly after that we started looking for our dog and found her—she so perfectly fit her name that we knew she was the one.

Petunia had her name when we got her from the rescue group. She hadn’t had it long since she was found as a stray, so we thought about changing it but no other name fit her. She has a lot of nicknames though—Tunie, Tune-Tune, Tunie Marooney, and Nacho Feet.

Beatrice will be 9 years old in August. Petunia is around 8.

Beatrice is a Frenchie and Boston terrier mix.

We got a DNA test for Petunia and discovered she’s ¾ American Staffordshire terrier (basically a pit bull) and ¼ mutt with too many possibilities to narrow down. Before we got her we had no idea what having a pit bull would be like. But she is the sweetest and most gentle creature I’ve ever been around and we consider it our responsibility to show people what the other side of the stereotype looks like.

Favorite game to play together:
Beatrice is a big fan of tug-of-war—she gets quite fierce and super proud when she beats you. She is only 15 pounds so we let her win, but don’t tell her that! Petunia is a huge fetch fan. Show her a ball and nothing else in the world exists.

Favorite place to play:
Beatrice loves playing on slippery floors so she can run and slide. Petunia will play literally anywhere. She is the most easygoing dog in the world and can find a way to play anywhere you take her.

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dogs do:
Beatrice is the sweetest cuddler at night. She likes being under the covers so she will come up and start pulling the covers down until you lift them up and make room for her.

Absolutely everything about Petunia is lovable. She is very in tune with human emotions. If I make a sound out of frustration, sadness, or anger she runs to my side ready to comfort me. I can be in another room in the house and she will be right there with her big brown eyes and a sweet groan of worry. She is quite the empath.

How have your dogs added to your home?
Beatrice’s big personality adds such a vibrancy to our lives as well as some serious belly laughs. She is such a unique and interesting little dog that is always cracking us up.

And there is nothing in this world that can comfort me like a Petunia hug and the gaze of those sweet brown eyes. I believe this girl has added years to my life and she has changed it forever. I will continue to advocate for this misunderstood breed forever because of the pure and unconditional love this girl has shown me, and I hope that I will always have a pit bull in my life.

Follow these lovable dogs on Instagram using the hashtag #compendiumdogs.

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Make Room for Fun with Play!

When you were little, a request to come out and play held a special kind of magic. It was an invitation to climb trees, build forts, and make mud pies! And it was the start of an adventure, where your imagination led the way. But at some point you grew up, trading playtime for pursuing a career, paying bills, and taking care of adult responsibilities. Well it’s time to bring back recess!

Our new activity book Play is an opportunity to reconnect with the freedom, joy, and spontaneity that you felt as a child. Growing research shows that play is not a childhood luxury but a necessary part of being a healthy adult. It’s essential for inspiring creativity, solving problems, managing stress, and building healthy relationships at work and at home.

Play is filled with activities, prompts, and ideas to build more fun into your world. And the best part is, childlike joy is right at your fingertips. With just a little effort, you can add something special to any day. Here are a few examples:

  • Find a cloud that looks like an animal.
  • Draw a self-portrait with your nondominant hand.
  • Blow bubbles in a public place.
  • Bring a box of Popsicles to your next meeting.
  • Put colored sprinkles on your toast.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for everyday treasures.
  • Play a song to dance to every Thursday at four o’clock.
  • Make an amazing sound track for a chore you usually hate doing.

Play is here to give you permission to create your own recess—and experience all of its wonderful benefits!

In writing the book, author M.H. Clark found herself joyfully remembering her younger self and sought to create a space for readers to do the same. “I hope that Play serves as a gentle, bright-spirited reminder that play is a fundamental need to each of us, and that it’s easier than we might think to add playful elements to our days,” she says. “Just a little dash makes our work, our relationships, our daily tasks and projects feel more fun, more inspired, more possible. It feels good and it’s good for us! What’s not to love?”


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6 Books to Inspire Kids This Summer

Summer has a special way of awakening new curiosities and encouraging exploration. And it’s the perfect time to nurture a child’s love for reading! We’ve put together a list of six children’s books that invite kids to venture into exciting worlds and embrace their endless imaginations. From inspiring true stories and timeless messages to interactive fun for the whole family, these books are sure to create wonderful memories during story time this summer.

Tiny, Perfect Things
This is the story of a child and a grandfather whose walk around the neighborhood leads to the discovery of the most wonderful treasures! With rhythmic storytelling and intricate illustrations, Tiny, Perfect Things is a celebration of how childlike curiosity can transform ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.

What Do You Do With a Chance?
The final addition to the New York Times best-selling What Do You Do With...? picture book series, What Do You Do With a Chance? inspires kids of all ages to find the courage to go after the opportunities that come their way. Because taking a chance just might lead to something incredible!

The Girl Who Ran
In 1966, the world believed it was impossible for a woman to run the Boston Marathon. Bobbi Gibb was determined to prove everyone wrong. The Girl Who Ran shares the true story of how Bobbi broke the rules and, through her grit and determination, changed the world one step at a time.

So Many Cuddles
This is the heartwarming story of a little girl and her animal friends who don’t always need words to talk to each other—a simple hug can say so much. From first cuddles in the morning to giggly cuddles on the couch and snoozy cuddles at bedtime, it’s incredible that one day can hold so many feelings! So Many Cuddles features adorable illustrations and easy-to-read verses to teach kids emotional literacy and to offer gentle reminders that there is no right or wrong way to feel.

Tickle Monster
A lovable monster has just flown in from Planet Tickle and is on a mission to tickle any child who happens to be following along with the Tickle Monster book. Parents read aloud and do the tickling while children laugh and squirm with delight!

Dive In!
Calling all explorers! Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham needs your help on his wild diving expedition to the ocean floor. Share in the fun by following the interactive read-aloud prompts! With Dive In!, learn how to talk like you’re underwater, take part in some very silly shenanigans, and get ready to laugh like you’ve never laughed before.

Go beyond these six and explore all of our illustrated books to add even more fun to a child’s summer reading list.

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A Rose for Every Student

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to participate in a very special project at Riverton High School in Riverton, Utah.

Tamara Bailie received an email from her daughter’s school letting her know that they would be selling roses as a Valentine’s Day fund-raiser. Parents could purchase roses for their child or students could purchase roses for each other. She made a mental note to buy some roses for her daughter so that she wouldn’t feel left out. But as the day went on, Tamara kept thinking about the other students—what if they didn’t receive any roses? Would they feel excluded?

That night she went to her Facebook page and posted a simple inquiry: could her community help her raise enough money to purchase roses for every student at Riverton High School? Soon word spread about Tamara’s mission. Within 48 hours, donations poured in from friends, family, and even strangers across the country. Together, they contributed enough money to give roses to all 2,164 students!

Inspired by her friend Tamara’s work, Mary Anne Radmacher reached out to us in hopes of including a ThoughtFulls card with each rose. We were delighted to join their mission and offer these students a small message of inspiration. School volunteers personalized the cards by handwriting each student’s name on them.

On February 14, the school halls were bursting with excitement as each student received a red rose with a ThoughtFulls card tied around the stem. Tamara says, “My daughter was sending me text messages about how it was going… Many of the students were saying that they weren’t going to get a rose that day, and then when the deliveries came they were so happy to receive one! She said one boy who never really smiles just kept looking at his rose and smiling.” With the help of Tamara and a network of bighearted friends, the teenagers felt special and cared for on Valentine’s Day.

Later that day, Tamara and the rest of the country received news about the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. “As I read the chilling news of this event, I couldn’t help but think that at the very same time that we were filling a Utah high school with love and good energy and roses, a school in Florida was being filled with terror and gunshots and fear,” she says. “The differences in between those two realities that were happening at the same instant made me even more appreciative of all the people who came together from across the country to let strangers know that they care.”

In the face of such a tragedy, we are inspired by Tamara and countless others who continue to spread joy and kindness in their communities. We hope their compassion and spirit inspires you too.

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